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Contactless smart cards are made of microchips, antenna and plastic materials like PVC/ABS/PET/PETG/TRW, chips and antenna can not be seen from the cards’ surface. The Contactless interface provides users with the convenience of allowing the contactless smart cards to be read at short distances with fast transfer of data.

The advantages of contactless smart cards: 

1. high reliability、long lifetime

2. convenient and speedy operation

3. good conflict avoiding and ECCM

4. security

5. extensive application、multipurpose

6. portability、reliable quality、stable performance、low cost

Features of Contactless Smart Cards:

Size:85.5 x 54mm
Thickness:0.820.84mm, 0.88mm, etc.
Printing:Offset printing/silkscreen printing/digital printnig
Chip Available:mifare classic 1k (s50), mifare classic 4k (s70), mifare ultralight, mifare desfire ev1 4k(D41), mifare desfire ev1 8k(D81), hitag 1, I-code 2, EM4200, TK4100, etc.
Other Crafts Available:Thermal printing

Inkjet printing


Laser engraving

Hot stamping

Hologram lable

Ultraviolet(UV) printing

Signature panel

Magnetic stripe


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