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ID Cards Introduction


ID card has another name called tag card, it has unique card no. in the world, the card no. is wrote into card when manufacture produces it and is not able to be modified.  

There are tens of kinds of ID cards, and those often used as:EMID、HID、RFID and so on. 

ID cards are read-only card, they are not able to be written data into. Every ID card has unique card no., card readers are able to identify the no.. 

ID cards are classified into active cards and passive cards, and are also classified into thick cards and thin cards. The size of passive thin card is 54*86*1mm, and passive thick card’s size is 54*86*1.5~3mm, the card reading distance of the two kinds of cards is usually from 1CM to 20CM, maximum distance is 1m. 

Active cards’ size is same as that of passive card, but it is thicker than passive card, its thickness is usually between 3mm and 8mm, and there is a flat electron in it, it is awaken by outside signal. Identified distance of active cards is between 1m to 5m. 

Common ID Card Model

EM ID card, mainly use 4100、4102 series chips from EM company in Switzerland or GK company from taiwan + loop + card body

(1) 4001 induction ID thick card: taiwai 4001 COB

Character:plain induction card, proper thickness, having ID card no., portability. Which is cheaper radio frequency IC card

chip: Taiwan 4001 COB

working frequency:125KHZ 

induction distance:2-20cm 

size: 85.5x54x1.8mm 

assembly craft:handcraft affix

typical application: :patrol system、attendance system、access system、enterprise’s multipurpose card system and so on. 

(2) EM4100/4102 induction ID card:  Swatch Group Em4102 Wafer

characters:plain induction card, thin card, having ID no., portability, printing picture directly. 

chip:Swatch Group Em4102 Wafer 

working frequency:125KHZ 

induction distance:2-20cm 


assembly material:PVC、ABS

typical application:patrol system、attendance system、assess system、enterprise’s multipurpose card system and so on. 

(3)Swatch Group Em4102 Wafer

chip: Swatch Group Em4102 Wafer