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On RFID Security Issues from a full perspective


With the wide application of RFID technology, there are security risks in RFID reader, electronic tag and network. Security and privacy issues have become one of the main factors restricting RFID technology. The field of RFID can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. RFID products in a narrow sense refer to the products applied in the logistics field, such as EPC G2 UHF RFID, which is hot in recent years. This kind of RFID pursues low cost and high efficiency, and the safety requirements are not too high. In a broad sense, RFID is an ID product including all RF technologies, such as contactless IC card. RFID not only has the function of identification, but also can expand more applications, especially financial payment applications. Users have higher requirements for product security.

The RFID products that users see actually include manufacturing processes such as chips, modules, inlays, tags or cards (some flip-flop processes may omit module processes). Therefore, the quality of RFID products should not be limited to chips, but should be paid attention from the perspective of tags or cards. From the actual quality feedback point of view, first of all, the physical damage of RFID (chip cracking, antenna separation) often accounts for the vast majority, so the packaging process quality of RFID is the most worthy of attention; secondly, the RF performance of RFID often affects the user experience, including the design quality of RFID chips and tools; Thirdly, for RFID applications, protocol and workflow are also very important, especially for some applications with high security requirements, the design of interaction process often plays a decisive role in the application quality.