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Frequently Asked Questions


1. what is dual interface cards?

Dual interface card has two faces, contact face and contactless face, it is the most advanced card in technology currently. 

2. what is dual interface card terminal?

Dual interface card terminals are some machineries which are able to read, write or handle dual interface cards, like dual interface card reader/ writer, they are able to handle dual interface card through contact, or contactless, or contact & contactless.

3. why did dual interface cards come out?

The first generation of IC cards were contact cards, they have many insufficiencies, like easy abrasion, slow dealing speed, limited use conditions and so on, which make IC cards are limited under some application fields. On the other hand, security and memory capacity of pure contactless IC cards do not meet a lot of specific application’s requirements. So on the system of a card with multipurpose, some application fields is suit for contact cards, some fields are suit for contactless cards, on the basis of these needs, the dual interface cards come out, which resolve these problems and conflicts. 

4. what is the advantage of dual interface cards?

The main advantages of dual interface cards are convenience、security、agility、multipurpose. 

5. what is CPU cards?

 CPU cards are also called smart cards, there are center processing unti(CPU)、random access memory(RAM)、read only memory(ROM)、electrically erasable programmable read-only memory(EEPROM) and chip operating system(COS). 

6. what is the advantages of CPU cards?

 The main advantages of CPU cards are strong security、big memory、good extensibility and a card with multipurpose. 

7. why is CPU cards’ security strong?

 CPU cards and chip operating systems are designed as per ISO/IEC7816, which have strict security system, through identification and verification, security control of data encryption and data decryption and file access guarantee the security of cards’ application. 

8 what is the different between composite cards and dual interface cards?